Dilemmas suck, don’t they?

If you do not bow down to their decisions,

You are a traitor, a black sheep, an apple of discord,

And you yell, you cry, you over think , you curse yourself and you sigh…

If you stoop and bend at their disposal,

You are a sheep, a dumbhead, a fool ,a scapegoat,

And you yell, you cry, you over think , you curse yourself and you sigh…



खुद चलके आते हो,
हाँथ बढ़ाते हो,
बातों -बातों में यूं उलछाते हो,
कभी रुलाते हो,
कभी हँसा के,भाग जाते हो,
ठहरते क्यों नहीं?
क्यों धैर्य परखते हो?
वक्त हो…
बस बदलते रहते हो,
चलते रहते हो,
घड़ी में समा के,
सुइयाँ हिला के,
हर एक पल की एहमियत समझा के,
हर एक पल में कितना कुछ सिखा जाते हो।

The change!

I watch the seasons change their hue,
And the transition taking place inside me,
Like a warm stream of water rushing upwards into a cold current,
A shower in a bushland that only I can see.
The star doesn’t shine much these days,
The city seems at a standstill,
But I keep moving, faster than before,
To wage a war, to wend my will.
Engulfed I am in every shade of sable,
Though dullness seems formidable,
What matters is the light beneath
The hidden layer that’s intangible.



Do they yearn for the shimmer of the lamps,
That laud their abilities in conceit?
But the tiny stroboscope-like flies
Fly yonder to the unknown lands,
Beaming their beams to wherever they  will,
Amazing and pleasing all the souls
In humility.

The most urbane of us,
Possess the brightest glimmer,
No matter how exiguous,
Or how much the ambience is dimmer.
They aren’t big in size ,you see.
It’s a big heart that makes us big.

Raptured by their ease in ecstasy, aren’t we?
That balance their temperance even in asperity,
But the puny harmless flies,
Shine alive in the depth of nigritude,
Unleashing their blaze to places ,where
Others can hardly see or be seen.

The most austere of us,
Wage the remotest route,
No matter how cumbersome,
We tread,we aim and we shoot.

They hardly utter voices for the folk to listen,
It’s our inner lumosity that makes others speak.


Your smile!

Your smile seems like axe to me,

It  knocks and hits and rips apart my stoical heart,

And every time I see you pass, I breathe,

I fear I might just lose my hold

And even though you are unattainable.

Your smile requites all the desired love.

This poem is in response to the Daily Prompt- PASSIONATE


The moment I woke up,

I found you there, right beside me,

You were the mellowest face I had ever met

Your one hand lay across my naked waist,

The other below my messed up hair,

Perhaps you were manoeuvring them,

Before you delved into slumber,

Deep deep slumber…


I remember,

The way you cajoled me to embrace you,

Tightly, until I lost control,

You felt me up all over, thrice

Before you untangled my lacy white gossamer,

I wore for the first time,

Before you delved into slumber,

Deep deep slumber…


Now as I move my pacified palm ,

Through your wide-open still eyes

And the pale blue cold cheeks,

I show neither any fury nor regret

That you did the same with a dozen other brides,

And left them, including my sister,  to hell,

Cause I too did feel that pleasure of pain,

Before I delved you into a slumber,

Deep deep slumber…

With the same dagger you brought for me, You Knave!