3.Things With The Writers

3.Do you know that we all are surrounded by writers?

I’ve said this before and here comes the echo – Opinions differ and so they matter, therefore, every being is born a writer.


My Proclivity?

My proclivity?

Continually looking out for people, who are encompassed by a horde of extroverts but at the same time, encapsulated by an impermeable layer of deafening silence; people, who choose to stay aloof from shenaniganry, fearful of enmeshing themselves into unwonted rivalry; people, who leave the get-togethers before the over-enthusiasts cover up the stage and need no drinks to forget a few names; people, who know how important it is to confide in a chosen few, cherish the raindrops as well as winter dew; people, who seldom smile but smile to keep others happy and people, whom I can call as just-like me.

2.Things With The Writers

2.Do you know what makes a writer agitated?

There are ‘some’ (referring to a few out of the bunch) people who like the ‘majority’ visualize the world and perceive it according to widely accepted rules and seldom think of considering the leeward side of the mountain for no matter what form of art, literature, belief, thought or idea they run into , they commit this faux pas of not being able to differentiate between the two ,usually ,known to be seemingly related terms – critique and judging.

1.Things With The Writers

1.Do you know what’s the strangest thing with the writers?

No matter how much they try to conceal, complicate or curb the outpour of the fraction of subtleties of their lives in their poetries, trying to create a generalized facade, they eventually, unknowingly, unwillingly, clandestinely, in a most tangled yet refined of the flairs, end up reflecting them somehow, which to the readers might become a piece of awe but to the other writers, penetrate like telepathic words struggling to seek unsaid familiarity.