The change!

I watch the seasons change their hue,
And the transition taking place inside me,
Like a warm stream of water rushing upwards into a cold current,
A shower in a bushland that only I can see.
The star doesn’t shine much these days,
The city seems at a standstill,
But I keep moving, faster than before,
To wage a war, to wend my will.
Engulfed I am in every shade of sable,
Though dullness seems formidable,
What matters is the light beneath
The hidden layer that’s intangible.

6 thoughts on “The change!

  1. “The cold breeze has begun to bring down the chills
    To cope up with this life so cold, I really need to learn drills.”
    -Your words just provoked me to think and write these lines.
    You write different and beautiful, Shailja. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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