That’s how poetry goes…



Deception !

Ever wondered why...

Once I met a little bee,
It praised my purple tinge and all the beauty,
And as I swayed my Innocent petals,
It sucked all my nectar out of me.

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खुद चलके आते हो,
हाँथ बढ़ाते हो,
बातों -बातों में यूं उलछाते हो,
कभी रुलाते हो,
कभी हँसा के,भाग जाते हो,
ठहरते क्यों नहीं?
क्यों धैर्य परखते हो?
वक्त हो…
बस बदलते रहते हो,
चलते रहते हो,
घड़ी में समा के,
सुइयाँ हिला के,
हर एक पल की एहमियत समझा के,
हर एक पल में कितना कुछ सिखा जाते हो।

The Terrace View!


This picture defines Local for me.

The overtop view  from my terrace…that makes my eyes roam from the nearest abode to the farthest reaches of the horizon.It seems everything belongs to me-

the roads; the slum nearby; that water tank; that neighbour’s home; that sky above, the clouds they hold, the rains they pour and the petrichor that rises up ………………..Everything is a part of me…Everything.

Ĥumour is necessary.


Thankyou Gbolabo Adetunji for nominating me

” Imagination is a quality given to man to compensate him for what he is not, and a sense of humour was provided to console him for what he is.”

My Nominees for today:

  • Anything and Everything.
  • The Happy Book
  • Look Around

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Thank you Sucheta for awarding me The Versatile Blogger award.

This is my first award and I am so glad that my versatility has been liked and appreciated by my fellow bloggers.

I have been writing and painting since a very young age. I think it’s a family cult. I started blogging recently from 10th July,2016 and I am having a really good time. I made some exceedingly good friends over here.To name a few-

Christopher Bland

Nishthur Anadi

Carolyn Page, etc


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  1.  I am brutally honest.I have my own principles which I love following even when some silly people keep reminding me that this world is not a Utopia.
  2. Writing ,painting, ruminating and procrastination comes naturally to me.
  3. I am exceedingly boring but believe me I am crazy .
  4. I talk candidly and openly to a really few people. I prefer staying quiet than babbling my heart out.I am a good listener.
  5. I am really stubborn and sometimes rude and have heard a thousand chiding comments about it.That’s how my face shows me. But from inside I am really emotional and sensitive.
  6. Games and sports that I love include badminton, chess and carrom.
  7. Fortunately or unfortunately , I have been classified as a nerd a million times during my school life. I don’t want those titles again. I want to learn everything and I want to be everything.


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