उस बालकनी में आंखे मीचकर
दुनिया भुलाना कुछ और ही था ।

दूसरे माले के उस पांचवे कमरे में
बरसात का आना हर रोज़ ही था।

कहने को बस तीन साल थे,
चुटकी भर में समा गए;

मंद तरानों में, अधूरे अफसानों में
काफ़िले बनाना एक शौक ही था।

Just Another Inn of Life: Hostel

Three years in Hostel
Were just Enough.
Yeah… Familiarity breeds Contempt!

And yes it taught me a lot: to accept differences, to be a listener, to love the nature and long walks, to realize the bliss of growing plants, to defend a few and never expect to be defended, to be kind but to learn to say a ‘NO’, gracefully, and yet the best that I could get to learn was to
“Keep your head when all about you are losing theirs”- Kipling told it’s important!

My Proclivity?

Sometimes you stare at your own words and wonder in what chain of events did you write them and how somehow it resonates with your present situation perfectly again. Here, I reblog it, in order to reach out to people who I hope to find in the blogging world because they are so rare to be found in my immediate surroundings. (‘Familiarity breeds contempt’ ; never found it more relatable than I do now)

Ever wondered why...

My proclivity?

Continually looking out for people, who are encompassed by a horde of extroverts but at the same time, encapsulated by an impermeable layer of deafening silence; people, who choose to stay aloof from shenaniganry, fearful of enmeshing themselves into unwonted rivalry; people, who leave the get-togethers before the over-enthusiasts cover up the stage and need no drinks to forget a few names; people, who know how important it is to confide in a chosen few, cherish the raindrops as well as winter dew; people, who seldom smile but smile to keep others happy and people, whom I can call as just-like me.

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Fade into View

Fade Into the Hue,
Into the backdrop of pink, black and blue,
Into the splashes of the crystal dew,
And into everything that can’t distinguish you,
From the bizarre and the new,
Go on, and Fade into the nice, cosy view,
‘Cause that’s exactly what the cowards do.