खुद चलके आते हो,
हाँथ बढ़ाते हो,
बातों -बातों में यूं उलछाते हो,
कभी रुलाते हो,
कभी हँसा के,भाग जाते हो,
ठहरते क्यों नहीं?
क्यों धैर्य परखते हो?
वक्त हो…
बस बदलते रहते हो,
चलते रहते हो,
घड़ी में समा के,
सुइयाँ हिला के,
हर एक पल की एहमियत समझा के,
हर एक पल में कितना कुछ सिखा जाते हो।

When kindness leads to burden!

I care for people. I always do.
But why do some people who had been simply friends begin to cleave to you so much that it becomes really difficult to bear them.The level of exasperation is just inexpressible. Moreover you can’t even yell at them, shout your heart out, and tell them  that they have become a burden for you, thinking that they’ll feel really bad…
I can’t stop being gentle and kind and be helpless all the time when it comes to saying Yes or No for things.
I give way to further problems when I say Yes.
I get filled with guilt when I say No.
I have No idea how to overcome this feeling…
Such situations always leave me in a dilemma.

One thing that I know is that I have to HAVE to learn to say NO GRACEFULLY!

The change!

I watch the seasons change their hue,
And the transition taking place inside me,
Like a warm stream of water rushing upwards into a cold current,
A shower in a bushland that only I can see.
The star doesn’t shine much these days,
The city seems at a standstill,
But I keep moving, faster than before,
To wage a war, to wend my will.
Engulfed I am in every shade of sable,
Though dullness seems formidable,
What matters is the light beneath
The hidden layer that’s intangible.