खुद चलके आते हो,
हाँथ बढ़ाते हो,
बातों -बातों में यूं उलछाते हो,
कभी रुलाते हो,
कभी हँसा के,भाग जाते हो,
ठहरते क्यों नहीं?
क्यों धैर्य परखते हो?
वक्त हो…
बस बदलते रहते हो,
चलते रहते हो,
घड़ी में समा के,
सुइयाँ हिला के,
हर एक पल की एहमियत समझा के,
हर एक पल में कितना कुछ सिखा जाते हो।


19 thoughts on “वक्त

    1. Hey sorry for the delay… was busy with the exams.. Here’s the translation of my poem वक्त (waqt) which is the hindi word for TIME.

      Here it goes..
      ” You come on your own,
      And extend your hand for help,
      You try to entangle people in your talks,
      You make them cry,
      And sometimes you make them happy, and run away ,
      Why don’t you stay/stop?
      Why do you test my patience?
      You are Time..
      You simply keep changing,
      You keep moving,
      Embodied in a clock,
      You Just keep shifting the needles,
      With every second lapsing, you explain us something or the other,
      In each and every second, Don’t know how many lessons you teach us!”

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      1. It’s Kool… Please… You don’t ever have to explain yourself to me shailja I very patient and probably the most understanding person y’all ever meet my good buddy. Your translated words were beautiful and creative as always. The way you think is flawless my friend.

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  1. I was just having a look at your blog, Katherine – it is really interesting. I think your 'how I wrote it' series would come under &#;noinformati39'? It's a bit like the extra notes you get at the back of some books. And I agree, blogs can be a place for taking risks – which is fantastic.


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