When kindness leads to burden!

I care for people. I always do.
But why do some people who had been simply friends begin to cleave to you so much that it becomes really difficult to bear them.The level of exasperation is just inexpressible. Moreover you can’t even yell at them, shout your heart out, and tell them  that they have become a burden for you, thinking that they’ll feel really bad…
I can’t stop being gentle and kind and be helpless all the time when it comes to saying Yes or No for things.
I give way to further problems when I say Yes.
I get filled with guilt when I say No.
I have No idea how to overcome this feeling…
Such situations always leave me in a dilemma.

One thing that I know is that I have to HAVE to learn to say NO GRACEFULLY!


12 thoughts on “When kindness leads to burden!

  1. I too have struggled with this over the years. I lost a few close friendships over my inability to say “no” until it was too late and I just “blew up” over the situation. Although racked with guilt, learning to say no is so important. Now in my mid 30’s I definitely have learned how and I am much happier for it. And you know what? I found out true friends will understand 😉 Great post!!

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    1. Oh! I can’t get over that guilt sometimes.. I am trying so hard to change myself, to stop overthinking and relax, but I am, certainly, struggling to do so.. Happy to hear that you learnt it..
      Glad to share my views with you.
      Thankyou so much for understanding.
      And yes..true friends will understand..they always do 🙂 🙂

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  2. hi Shelja its a nice little blog
    i think you are fond of English literature .
    to understand how to tackle such situations you need to do some effort
    which is to read How To Win Friends And Influence People a book By
    Dale Carnegie
    remember no pane no gain
    you are one of the few people i have seen maintaining a nice little blog to right your personal feelings.

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    1. Thankyou Kamal.
      I too love the thoughts that you keep sharing with us on Fb as well as other places..
      And it’s not about winning friends… Friends just happen to be friends because of some commonness…
      the problems arise when such commonness elopes and differences arise……
      Thanks for the book suggestion.
      and yes I love literature…but I love writing more than reading..

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