Have you experienced an earthquake around the epicentre?I wonder how it feels to see one’s own  life shattering,family dying and Home collapsing…

As the earth below me quivered,

  I saw my home being razed,

  My throat choked and I shivered,

  Could do nothing and only gazed.

 It was not the bricks that I cried for,

Nor the nifty things in ,that lay,

But for the warm those walls enclosed, 

And the comfort that  consoled me in dismay.

 Now,when I couch at night in the shoddy camps,                                  

Under the sky, in marl and eeriness,  

I prefer the flicker of the lamps 

Over the blues and this darkness.


  It’s not a stronghold, it’s a winsome feeling,

   I now know, why they long for it, who have none,


  It’s a sentiment with the arm of healing,

  I wish I had realised  it much before 

          I had lost one.”


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