To the winds and back again

  My subtle thoughts disrupt my slumber,
Perhaps, because of an emptiness.
To the shores I lodge in a quest for content, 
But there too,
I find-
Far aloof those lofty hills,
Standing in oblivion of the worldly things,
Surrounded by an ocean of desolation,
And as obsessed with loneliness as I.
But they are suave and careless, 
And that is what emboldens me
For they teach me to be firm and indifferent, 
In a world that’s full of egoism and cynicism.

I shall remain resolute,
And no longer ruffled.
And to the shores, I’ll keep going.

This post is in response to The Daily Prompt – ‘WIND’


11 thoughts on “To the winds and back again

    1. Well said! We need to listen to our inner selves before we search for someone else to rebuild our strengths..
      And..Nature remains an awe-dwelling inspiration for all of us.Doesn’t it?


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