To the cowards…

“How ironical it is: When a few black attired men spend thousands of bucks just to serve those costly bullets to a large mass of complete strangers.”

I’d say, it’s , verily ,a selfless deed .hats off to the charitable people; to the ones who express their might not by their mouths but by showers of bullets ;to those who gather fame without even hiring a stage ;to those who make the unknown  places on earth a prominent monument in just a day; to the  ones who have the power of  touching the zillion hearts around the world and making us realise how important our close ones are to us.

Applauds to them who fear smiles ;who hide from relationships; who are scared of love; who are afraid of emotions; who are  deprived of the rights of shedding tears ;who cannot unveil themselves in public; who have no idea how it feels to talk about the start of spring yet enjoy the crisp winters ,about the joy of receiving a long desired gift ,about the taste of the best delicacy in the café ,about little pranks played and laughs laughed together, about the childish fights between two friends and pretence of ignorance only to come back to one another once again ,about the soft ,sweet clasp of the hands of lovers roaming around the city ,promising never to leave it even in the worst of the storms .hats off to just those few men who made ‘innocence and affection’ break such million promises and impressed upon life’s  evanescence by just a throw of hand grenade.

Thank you for telling us about the futility of the wishes oaths and promises made out of nonsensical things called as emotions. thank you for making us realise that there is no place on this earth for sentiments of care, fondness, hope, peace and forgiveness. Thank you for revealing such realistic philosophies from time to time by your grotesque methods. Thank you for extracting adolescence out of every living child and turning every being into a thinker of his own and yet cautioning us to never, never, never create silly imaginary, impossible stories of a beautiful peaceful, happy and united world our own.

Applauds to you men, there couldn’t have been a better way of showing off your cowardice and utter failure in life we lament over your unforgiving inhumane depravities.


There’s a surge of wrath in all of us at this point of time. After the macabre terror attacks, we are all heart-broken and shattered. I hope and pray for the beautiful world that I imagine: a safe haven for all of us.


8 thoughts on “To the cowards…

  1. This should be a article in a magazine or news paper! This is real… Well articulated and from the heart. Unfortunately it’s messed up the world we live in today so I guess we just have to appreciated the small things and keep being freedom writers.

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    1. I had actually sent this one to an online magazine.Don’t know if they published it.
      I wrote it some time ago but it brings tears to my eyes whenever I read about more terror attacks.It feels as if no one cares for what we write and no one’s listening to our plea for a peaceful Home.

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