The soul’s outburst

” How  silly of me that I misconceived your smiles and your singing solely to me beside the sea as signs of something much more than a mere familiarity. It’s all my fault for I shouldn’t have fantasised us having an eternal bond.

The day you left me,saying that I have served your purpose and you no longer need me,I was stunned and starkly broken into piece.From then onwards I lost my nerve to trust anybody else.I doubt if you can ever fathom my agony. Eighteen years of togetherness isn’t a quip.I guess you took it really light.

I wonder if your family wailed more than me;they were just some of the people who  surrounded you while I was your other half,incomplete without you.Glad! I got to spend the maximum time with you and got to know the real you;the good and the talented you;the one with a bright future!

Remember,how I suggested you to hold on to your guitar when your friends denied you? Remember,how I gave you solace when your own father misjudged you? I miss those moments when you sang your heart out and gave me pleasures as if I owned a permanent place in heaven. Remember,the million ways in which I consoled you when your lungs heaved and heart grieved occasionally at mid-nights?

I was the only one who believed in you and yet you refused to think about me before you committed your first and last blunder of killing yourself.How could you be so egoistic! Betrayed,I can give a zillion reasons to complain.
But,to prove… that atleast my love is unconditional I promise to live forever alone and yet secretly ‘wander somewhere around you’ if not ‘within you’.Perhaps,I might hear another melody sung for me,by you…”,
whispered the Soul to her carcass lying inside the Grave


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